We all travel in search of something, be it peace, happiness, knowledge, wisdom and something deeper. Travelling is as old an activity as life on earth. We have known and seen great travelers around the world who have transcended all the boundaries in search of the meaning they sought. Some found meaning in life while some realized the higher purpose and travelled to spread the divine message. For places, there are very few places on earth that have the ambiance and power to put your soul at peace no matter how troubled your soul is. I have been to one such place that is Harminder Sahib (the abode of god) in Amritsar. It is also called the Golden Temple and is a sacred and pre-eminent spiritual site of Sikhism. It is always open for the people from all walks of life and faith as Sikhism is founded on the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev who traveled extensively across Asia on foot in 15-16th centuries spreading the message of Ik Onkar (One God).

Sri Harminder Sahib

I am not a religious person to be honest neither do I understand spirituality for now and yet I believe every person should visit this place at least once in life because I genuinely felt something wonderful when I visited there. This place is situated in the middle of a big city like Amritsar which is full of hustle bustle like any other city, yet it has that magical aura that calms down all the storms within. The moment you enter the premises of the Golden Temple you feel things and your senses at peace and a completely different energy radiating around you. You don’t necessarily have to perform any ritual or worship in there, you can just go find a spot and sit near the pond and you will feel a sense of tranquility in everything that exists there. The calm water of the pond and the soothing peaceful music of the Keertan throughout the day make the atmosphere way more serene than the words can describe. You will never get tired of sitting in such place.

It’s like a bliss just to sit silently by this pond and let your mind be empty and let your heart be open for the love of that divine force and let your soul be in peace for a while…

We all are troubled and broken in one way or the other, and peace and solace is our constant quest in life. I have traveled so much in last four years but I have never seen a place like the Golden Temple where I felt my mind, heart and soul all relaxed and at peace. I don’t know what was it but now whenever I see a picture of that place it reminds me of that visit and I do feel it deep. I have not visited any temple or religious building in last seven years but this I believe is a spiritual place that I would love to visit again and again.