It was a beautiful night

Moon was shining like never before

On top of the mountain next to us.

The stars were twinkling and giggling

Among themselves , perhaps

Seeing her and I

Sitting by the fire

At the top of a hill

On a chilling cold night

Into the wild , when

The whole world was dead asleep

We were counting the stars.

I didn’t want to compare her

With the full moon,

It’s always unreal and unfair

To compare a woman with moon,

I grew beyond all comparisons

In her I saw only her and not the moon

I have been with her

Even in the darkest of nights

When there was no moon to compare

Still her eyes shone as beautifully ,

Her touch as warm and

Her smell as exhilarating…

Yes we loved the moon equally, and

Hoped the moon loved us too.

We had been looking,

At the snow painted mountains

Flaunting their curves

Under the moonlight,

Silently for a while,

That’s how we relish our togetherness

During such long nights,

We don’t need speech,

Voice disturb the calmness

Of such peaceful ambience,

If there’s peace,

Silence would make sense,

And we would understand it

In our own language,

Once in a while

We would utter words

Or hum a song , otherwise

I would look at her

She would read my eyes and face

And after a few moments

A soft smile would erupt

Out of her lips …

“Why does the moon shine full

Only once a month,

Why can’t it be like this always ?”

She asked with a childish curiosity.

I shifted my sight

From the mountains to the moon

Took a long and deep breath,

“We don’t feel the same everyday ,

River doesn’t always flow the same way

Clouds don’t pour rain everyday,

Trees don’t give fruits everyday

It is natural to be incomplete

To seek and strive for growth

To keep moving up and down

To be empty at times

To refill oneself with newness

To be full at times

To cherish life

Life is the sole completeness

Everything else is a part

And each part achieves completeness

Once in a while like the moon,

Only by seeking, striving and living.”

I replied…

A long and deep silence

Filled the valley with calmness

She looked at me , inched closer

Took my hand in hers

Forked her fingers through mine

Rested her head on my shoulder

Leaving no space for the cold breeze

To pass between us

We admired the moon together…